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Welcome Letter for a New Student!

HUMAKOn opiskelijoita punaisissa haalareissa

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Humak University of Applied Sciences, shortly Humak!

This welcome letter is created especially for you, our new Humak student. You have fantastic years of study ahead, and we want you to get the most out of them. In this welcome letter, we have compiled important information just for you!

HUMAKO is Humak’s own student union, which you can join as a new student. Whether you are studying in a day program, blended learning, online courses, taking open university courses, or pursuing a Master’s degree – we are here for you!

To start, we recommend following HUMAKO’s social media accounts:



Welcome Meetings and WhatsApp Groups for New Students

HUMAKO is welcoming you, our new student, to become a part of the HUMAKO community! First, we recommend you join the WhatsApp group for new students. Each starting group has its own WhatsApp group, which you can join through this link.

We are organizing opportunities for new students to get acquainted on campus areas at the beginning of the fall. Please note that some welcome events will take place before the studies begin. You can find the detailed schedules through the links below. (The information will be updated no later than early August.)

We will meet at the latest during the orientation days at the HUMAKO info sessions. HUMAKO info is a short briefing about the student union for all new students. During the info session, you will also have the opportunity to try on overalls and purchase HUMAKO products (note: the HUMAKO info session for Workplace Developers and Master’s degree students will be held virtually).

You can find more detailed location or implementation-specific information on the pages:

Support and Activities of HUMAKO

HUMAKO’s tutors are here to support and encourage you during your studies. You can reach the tutors right away if you have any thoughts about starting school:

  • Via email at etutor(a)
  • Through the eTutor course on the Hoodle platform
    • On the Student Lounge discussion forum, where students and tutors can chat together
    • On the Anonymous Students discussion forum, where you can ask your questions anonymously, and tutors will respond

The activities of the HUMAKO student union are open to all Humak students. We organize activities on campus and online. All our events are listed in the event calendar. We look forward to meeting you!

HUMAKOn opiskelijoita punaisissa halareissa puistossa

As a member, you save – enjoy numerous benefits and discounts

As a new student, you can join HUMAKO as a member starting from August 1, 2024. As a member of the HUMAKO student union, you become part of the HUMAKO community and gain access to both local and national student benefits and discounts. Membership quickly pays for itself.

You can get discounts on events, various products, travel, and food. Additionally, degree students are entitled to the well-known student benefits from VR, Matkahuolto, and Kela. HUMAKO’s mobile membership card is available through the Slice and Kide.App -applications, where you can browse the available benefits.

Read more about how and why to join HUMAKO

Coveralls – A Student’s Trusted Outfit from the Online Store

As a Humak student, you get to wear red student overalls. They are the hallmark of a Humak student at various events.

Overall sales start on August 1 and end on September 13.

Overalls will be delivered to buyers by the end of the year. We produce overalls based only on orders, so remember to order yours in time! To help you choose the right size, we will organize fitting sessions on campuses at the beginning of your studies. It’s a good idea to ensure that there’s enough room under the overalls for warm clothing for winter student activities.

You can purchase your overalls, overall patches, and other products from the HUMAKO online store on As a HUMAKO member, you get overalls and other products at half price!

Istuva HUMAKOn opiskelija punaisissa haalareissa ja haalarimerkkejä nurmikolla

Membership Service and Contact Information

For questions related to membership and services, you can get help from HUMAKO’s expert Kaisa Manner at p. +358 45 182 0404 or from the service team at info(a)

The HUMAKO office is located on the Helsinki campus. From the office, you can purchase products or pick up your online orders. HUMAKO members also receive service at service points of other student unions in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Turku, and Jyväskylä.

For more information about our office and the opening hours of other service points, please visit our website.

More information about HUMAKO’s Office and other service points.

Feedback, advocacy work and harassment contact person

HUMAKO’s most important tasks include promoting the interests of students. Advocacy means, among other things, that we collect, evaluate and share student feedback. Based on the feedback, HUMAKO develops its own operations or addresses the shortcomings that have arisen. Feedback can be given about the activities of HUMAKO, the school or the staff via the Feedback Cards or the Electric feedback (Äänitorvi).

HUMAKO also promotes student well-being in collaboration with other student organizations nationwide and locally.

At HUMAKO we do not accept harassment. HUMAKO has also two harassment contact persons. You can contact them in matters related to harassment, whether the harassment took place in the activities of Humak or HUMAKO. The primary role of the harassment contact person is to assist and support those who have experienced harassment.

Contact information of the harassment contact persons

Student Union’s Active Activities can earn you credits!

Any Humak student can apply to become a student active at HUMAKO. When you are an active, you can concretely decide what your student union does and how things are done at your university. HUMAKO’s activities are also a nice way to promote your own studies, because you can also earn credits for the activities!

Local Activities – Tutoring, Team, and Section Activities

In HUMAKO’s local sections, campus activities are developed, and events that enhance student life are organized. HUMAKO tutors support other students and their well-being. HUMAKO teams are creating diverse activities by combining section and tutoring activities. In tutor, team, and section activities, besides a good atmosphere and experience, it’s possible to earn study credits for elective studies ranging from 3 to 10 credits. Additionally, you can credit many courses through this involvement.

New participants are recruited in October. Learn more about becoming a local operator.


HUMAKO’s board is where action happens hands-on. The roles of board members are tailored individually based on set goals in the action plan and personal development needs. Board activities typically require 15-20 hours per week, and through board involvement, it’s possible to credit up to 25-40 study points per year towards your curriculum.

The board is elected in November for a calendar year term.

Representative council

In HUMAKO’s Representative Council, the highest decision-making authority is exercised, overseeing and guiding the activities of the board. Council members typically dedicate around 5 hours per month, and study credits can be earned based on the workload, ranging from 1 to 10 credits per year.

The term of the Representative Council is for the calendar year. The application period for the Representative Council is in September.

HUMAKOn aktiivitoimijoita mustissa paidoissa portaiden edessä

Student representatives

In Humak there are different working groups and boards that focus for example on the development of the different educational programs, student welfare issues and study attainment procedures. HUMAKO has student representatives in almost all the working groups in order to make sure that the student rights are fulfilled.

In cooperation with HUMAKO

HUMAKO and our partners welcome you to Humak to study!

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Join a trade union and you will get the full benefits already during your studies.

HUMAKO influences on issues that concern students.

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