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What is HUMAKO?


HUMAKO is the Student Union of Humak University of Applied Sciences. It is run by students and the purpose is to promote student interests. The most visible form of activity is tutoring, which is coordinated by HUMAKO. 

HUMAKO´s activity is based on the law (Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014) (link opens in a new tab) which states that the student union's task is to promote students position in the society as well as look after student interests regarding studies, wellbeing and living. HUMAKO is also the link between the students and Humak University. We co-operate with Humak in order to improve students' conditions during their studies and influence education and social policy. We are also a member of The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences - SAMOK. Through SAMOK we seek to influence students affairs nationwide. 


How does HUMAKO operate?


The members of the representative council

The students are responsible for both the operative work as well as the decision making in HUMAKO.  The members of the representative council are elected by the members of HUMAKO. The council is responsible for choosing the committee of the student union and making the big decisions in HUMAKO like deciding yearly budgets.


The central election commission

The central election commission is formed of the chairman and four members. The commission is responsible for organizing the election for the representative council.


The board

The board is responsible for the operative tasks such as promoting student interests in social and educational affairs, training tutors, supporting campus trustees, marketing, communications and developing HUMAKO's operations. The board is divided into teams with different responsibilities.

Student representatives

Working groups are usually formed in order to focus on a specific issue or a cause. In Humak there are different working groups and boards that focus for example on the development of the different educational programs, student welfare issues and study attainment procedures. HUMAKO has student representatives in almost all the working groups in order to make sure that the student rights are fulfilled. The most important and direct way to get the students' message to the deciding parties of Humak, is by attending working groups meetings. The different working groups´ meeting times vary from once a year to once a month. The working groups discuss, develop and decide how things are done, both in the education programs as well as in the regional centers. HUMAKO´s board chooses the student representatives for the different working groups.


The local division (a.k.a jaosto)

The local divisions represent HUMAKO in the different campuses of Humak. The local divisions process and forward feedback from the students to the committee in order to promote change. Feedback can be about study facilities, inaccuracy in grading or dissatisfaction in teaching. The division is also responsible for organizing events and other activities.

Local divisions Instagram:


The tutors (a.k.a tutorit)

HUMAKO is funded to provide a student tutoring service. The tutors are the support people for new and existing students. They give peer support for the other students and help students to get settled into student life. Tutors organize events and activities that promote community and well-being (eg sports sessions, get-to-togethers, online study groups). Some of the socializing events are arranged together with the local divisions.

Tutors contact the exchange students before they arrive thus tutoring starts early in the exchange process. They act as support people for the whole exchange period. Tutors help with practical things, like finding an apartment, involving the students in free time activities, and showing around the city. It's also common for the tutors to organize a farewell party and keep in touch after the exchange period has ended.



Contact the tutor!

You can contact tutors and other students:

Through forums you can send a questions for tutors

Become a tutor!

​If you are a degree student at Humak, it is possible for you to become a tutor for other degree students. Degree students may encounter study-related confusion for which the perspective of another, more advanced degree student can provide the best peer support and encouragement. You will be helping degree students to use net platforms such as Hoodle and arrange occasions where you can practise technical skills for Logbook. You will be also promoting the interests of degree students in matters about free time events and such.


Besides credit points tutoring is guaranteed to give you new experiences and people into your life. You will learn about team-work, communication and other skills that are also useful for working life. We have also heard that being a tutor is a really fun and rewarding experience!


Want to become a tutor? Contact the Board paikallistoiminta(a)

HUMAKO's tutor.
Three students holding a mobile phone.

Why join HUMAKO?


HUMAKO takes care of you

Your membership allows the Student Union to work for your enjoyable student life and qualified education. HUMAKO constantly makes sure that the student's voice is heard and influences both within the university and in national networks. HUMAKO coordinates tutoring and local divions which support your studies and well-being at the grassroots level.

Member is part of the student community

As a member of your Student Union you can influence decision-making concerning students. Members can vote and set oneself as a candidate in the representative council elections as well as apply for the board. Members have the possibility to become a tutor or work in local division and as student representatives in the Humak’s organs.

Amazing benefits and discounts

As a member of your Student Union HUMAKO you are entitled to several discounts. You are able to use these discounts and prove your student status through HUMAKO’s mobile membership card Slice. As a degree student you are also entitled for the student benefits of local region trafic, VR, Matkahuolto and Kela.

Even - 50 % of events and products

As a member of your Student Union, you will receive the products and events of our and the other Student Unions ASK, Helga, Laureamko, METKA, O’Diako and TUO for the member price. So at best, it's up to half price! Discounts are available both online and at the customer service points. You can buy products and event tickets from our web store.

Yogobe - online yoga lessons

Yogobe video training is at your disposal! Yogobe offers a wide range of products including;  yoga, pilates, meditation, mobility exercises and weight training. Practice whenever and wherever you want!


It's easy to start using Yogobe’s services:

1. Contact the customer service by sending e-mail info(a)

2. Create your account according to the instructions you receive


Vimeo - online trainings

Our online training platform offers many different online trainings! Do you want to learn how to boost your applications when searching for a job or how to develop your working life skills? If you said yes, then this is the place to be! Learn useful skills from wherever you are! Currently all videos are in Finnish, but we will add videos in other languages in the future.


Do the following in order to gain access to online training platform:

1. Create a Vimeo profile at from the Join Free button.

2. Go to the Settings of your profile from the top right corner from the expanding menu.

3. On top of the setting menu on the left you will find your profile details. Copy your User ID number.


Slice benefits 

With HUMAKO’s mobile membership card Slice you will get access to multiple local and national student benefits and discounts. These discounts can be related to eating, drinking, sports, well-being, courses and other essential products for students. Browse and use the benefits through Slice-application.

Get Up Desk -standing worktop (-19%) and Gymba-active board (-25%)
Promote your ergonomy with these equipments. More detailed information on the equipment and redemption of the benefit can be found on the Finnish Student Sport Federation website.

ad of
Ad of Yogobe.
vimeo's logo.
digital student card
Get up desk -standing worktop and Gymba-active board

Licence of Voimalajiliitto
This license allows you to take part in all competitions maintained by Voimalajiliitto for as long as the license is valid. You can find more detailed information on the Finnish Student Sport Federation


Holiday Club -hotels -15 %

Go on an active holiday at the Holiday Club or rent your own holiday home. As a member of HUMAKO, you get - 15% discount on several hotels and holiday homes, where you can relax in addition to your studies. To use the discount check the website Finnish Student Sport Federation website.

Helsinki City Running Day
Helsinki City Running Day (HCRD), Finland's largest running event, gathers more than 10 000 runners each year. As a member, you get a discount on participation fees:

  • Helsinki City Marathon - 20%

  • Other trips - 10%


Detailed instructions for redeeming the benefit and registering for the event can be found at


How to become a member?

  1. Go to our web store (link opens in a new tab), scroll down to the part Jäsenyydet (memberships) and click on the box that says HUMAKOn jäsenyys / Membership of HUMAKO.

    1. New student: You need to get your Haka-tag first, check out the Welcome new student letter.​

  2. Select membership period. Membership can be bought for one semester, one or several academic years. Membership for one semester is valid till the end of autumn or spring semester. Membership for one academic year is valid through the whole academic year.

  3. Sign in by creating a new account (Luo käyttäjätunnus) or use your Facebook account.

  4. Select the wanted membership period and fill out the application form.

  5. After filling out the application form you can go and pay the membership that you have selected.  Before the payment you can also continue shopping in the web store and get other products such as coveralls, coverall patches or tickets to the next student event at the same time.​​

Price and duration of membership

  • Autumn semester 2021: 25 € 

  • Academic Year 2021-2022: 42 €

  • 2 academic years: 75 €

  • 3 academic years: 108 €

  • 4 academic years: 139 €


A new membership can be purchased from 1.8.2021. The academic year 2020-2021 and the spring academic year 2021 expires on 30.9.2021. Please note that HSL only validates HUMAKO membership cards for the period 2020-2021 until the end of August.

Student ID

After joining  your student union you are entitled to get a student ID. You can download digital student card to your smart phone. With student ID you can get all student discounts such as cheaper student lunches, public transport and discounts from hundreds of companies in Finland. In our web store (link opens in a new tab) you can use your own student union’s benefits right after becoming a member.

Activating your digital student ID

  1. Buy membership (link opens in a new tab) and wait 1 hour

  2. Go to (link opens in a new tab)

  3. Select Humak

  4. Fill the form to receive the activation code (your information needs to match the information you’ve given in the form to join HUMAKO, which you can check from HUMAKO´s web store in the “Memberships” -section of your profile)

  5. Download the Slice app from Google Play or App Store

  6. Check your phone’s settings to give the app permission to give notifications on important bulletins

  7. Give the app the permission to use your phone’s gallery (needed for to show student card in the app)

  8. Open the Slice app and log in

  9. Enter the username and password you received via email (activation code)

  10. Accept the terms, the app can’t be used before that

  11. You’re up to date!

HUMAKO loves discord

HUMAKO's Discord


Welcome aboard the Humak-student Discord server!

On the server you’ll find conversation and activity centering around studies - like our online study group and field of study-specific chat channels. You’ll also find leisure free time activities in the form of communal game nights and morning coffee sessions! For detailed schedules check the channel “tiedotteet” on the server. 

On Discord you’ll also get to effortlessly make connections and network with other Humak-students no matter where they’re located! Through the server you can also easily contact both tutors and members of the local divisions or give feedback and development ideas! 

We want to create a web environment that is a student friendly, safe and approachable platform. On the server we organise fun activities for all students online! When joining, please remember to follow good online etiquette, use your real name and read the server rules and guidelines!

Come and develop HUMAKO's Discord! 

The Discord working group is looking for new group members. In a workgroup, you can develop server operations, plan and produce a program as well as do marketing. You will be able to utilize your already existing professional skills and develop in organizing online community and events. No previous experience is required. No one has to do the tasks alone as the team helps.

The Discord working group consists of Humak students and is open to all of them. The group meets 1-2 times a month for 1,5 hours. Working in a working group takes at least about 5 hours / month. A member of the working group does not have to be a member of HUMAKO to participate in the activities of the working group.

We are recruiting from September 27th to October 25th 2021. Apply for the working group!

More information and questions: hanna.hautamaki(a)

Downloading Discord

  • PC/MAC users: Go to and download the Discord desktop application. You can also use Discord on your browser.

  • Mobile devices: Download the Discord app from your appstore.

Creating a Discord account

  • Open the application and choose “register” or go to

  • Fill out your information as requested by the process.

  • Verify your email address and account by opening the link sent to your e-mail.

Joining the server


How can you give feedback?

HUMAKO has feedback form, which you can use to thank Humak’s staff, remind a lecturer or a teacher for courses grades that are late, or give a proposal for better activities. We want to serve all Humak’s students the best way possible with education-related things, and with feedback you can send greetings to lecturers and other HUMAK staff.

By giving feedback through Parrot Card, Snail Card, or Yellow Card, you earn a badge for your overalls. At the end of the form, you have to choose which badge you want. There's no badge from feedback given through Electric feedback (Äänitorvi).

Feedbacks will go anonymously. If you want us to contact you, please leave your contact information.

Parrot card
Electric feedback
Snail Card

Give feedback to HUMAKO or Humak. Feedback can be about anything.

Give a positive note for a lecturer or other Humak's staff.

Remind your lecturer about a missing grade if you don't get them in 4 weeks after finishing the course.

Yellow Card

Bring up issues in ways of act or other things. Give chance to change.

Sport services for students


Check out your local sport service for students here:

Helsinki - Metropolitan area:

Zonesports (link opens in a new tab)


CampusSport (link opens in a new tab)


SYKETTÄ (link opens in a new tab)


uMove (link opens in a new tab)

Campus Sport's logo
Zone's logo
Sykettä logo
uMove's logo

Harassment contact persons


Harassment can be experienced from fellow students as well as lecturers. Harassment is a form of discrimination and it includes sexual harassment. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, trade union activity, family relationships, state of health, disability, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics. (Non-discrimination act, 1325/2014) (link opens in a new tab). Discrimination might happen for example by creating a degrading, embarrassing or threatening atmosphere, undesirable actions or inappropriate or insulting language. These are not a part of a student union nor any other part of life. The harassment contact persons of our student union support and advise the students that have experienced harassment.


Harassment contact persons are not professionals, but they do offer support for students that have experienced harassment and help with cases of harassment, if needed. Harassment contact persons have been trained by the student union. Nevertheless, the harassment contact persons will not take the cases further without the consent of the conserned. When facing harassment, it’s important not to be alone. The harassment contact persons are there for you.


Who should I contact?

If you feel like you have been harassed, please contact the harassment contact persons. They are completely bound to secrecy, and no action will be taken without the consent of the conserned. Our student union has two harassment contact persons and both of them can be contacted via email.


Miisa Mäki


Jukka-Pekka Salmela





Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki

+358 44 257 8884

humako (a)


Opening hours

Due to the corona situation, the office is only open by prior arrangement. Please contact us at info(a) to arrange your visit to the office.

Our customer service works online. You can contact us via the Facebook chat on this page or send an email to info(a) Our online store is running normally, but the delivery time for products may be up to 2 weeks. For urgent delivery, we ask for a message to customer service channels.

Exception to opening hours


Executive Director

Suvi Torikka


Specialist - membership, tutors and local divisions

Krista Maarajärvi


+358 45 182 0404



Chairperson of the board

Anette Pottonen


+358 45 122 5030


Vice Chairperson of the board

Kaisa Manner


+358 45 134 5634

Advocasy Team

Alina Venninen


Christina Piirainen


Local Activity Team

Hanna Hautamäki


Pinja Öman


Membership Service Team

Henrietta Saarinen


Katri Salomäenpää



Representatives council


President of the Student Union

Jukka-Pekka Salmela



Vice President of the Student Union

Pinja Peltoluhta