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Tutor's letter for Degree students!

Hello and welcome to Humak!

Student tutors will guide you through several practical things related to your studies and free time. If needed, feel free to contact us already during summer.

You can contact tutors and other students

  • eTutor-course on Hoodle

    • Through forums you can send a questions for tutors

  • Via email etutor(a)

  • HUMAKO Discord

    • We organize activity for all students that supports their studies and getting to know other students​

Student union HUMAKO

The Student Union of Humak University of Applied Sciences HUMAKO is run by students and the purpose is to promote student interests. It is worth joining HUMAKO as a member, as it gives you access to student benefits and discounts. HUMAKO's mobile membership card can be found in the Slice application. As a member you are entitled to many benefits, such as cheaper tickets to events and a massive discount on products, which you can buy from HUMAKO's online store.


If you are interested about student events or Finnish coveralls culture - HUMAKO and tutors can help you! Test pieces of student overalls can be tested on campuses at the beginning of the school year so that everyone can find an overalls of their own size.

You can find more information about joining and benefits of a member from:

HUMAKO's website

HUMAKO's Facebook

HUMAKO's Instagram

Other important dates and events we will tell you later when we meet!

See you at Nurmijärvi!

Best wishes,


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