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Welcome New Student!

Welcome to Humak!

Congratulations for your place of study at the Humak University of Applied Sciences. You have great years of study in front of you and to get the most out of it, we will gather important information for this Welcome New Student -page.

HUMAKO is Humak's own Student Union, of which you as a new student are entitled to join. We are for you! More than half of Humak students are members of HUMAKO and as members they are entitled to various student life services and discounts that can be obtained through HUMAKO.

First you should start following us in social media:

As a member you save - you get numerous benefits and discounts

As a new student, you can join Student Union already in August. As a member of the Student Union HUMAKO, you have access to local and national student benefits and discounts, so membership quickly pays for itself. You get discounts on events, various products, travel and eating, among other things. In addition, degree students are entitled to student benefits from VR, Matkahuolto and Kela. HUMAKO's mobile membership card can be found in the Slice applications, through which you can browse the available benefits. More detailed information on why to become a member can be found on the HUMAKO website.

Join HUMAKO at the web store like this:

  1. Get Haka-tag (what Humak students uses) from to log in with your bank access codes.

  2. Go to our web store

  3. Buy membership - either for academic year(s) or fall semester

  4. Get Student ID Slice to your mobile - order user code and password from and download from your mobile application store

  5. And if something doesn't work you can contact HUMAKO from

Finnish student life tradition: Coveralls with badges

Coveralls bring all students together and helps you to recognize your student colleagues from the colourful student crowds as we Humak students are all wearing the same color - RED COVERALLS!

You can make your coveralls personal by collecting and changing coverall patches in student events or buying them. It is possible to attach useful items to your coveralls – for example we at HUMAKO are selling shot glasses and champagne glasses made from plastic. Attach these to your coveralls and make celebrating easier!

HUMAKO is selling products that will make your life in the student culture more fun! You can buy all of these from HUMAKO web store and its always -50 % for members!

When you order the coveralls no later than 6.9.2020, you will receive them delivered to the campus for free on the HUMAKO tour, that you can read more below. Of course, coveralls are still on sale even after this, as long as there are enough sizes. You can try on coveralls at the beginning of your studies on your own campus from 31.8.-4.9., so you can get the right size coveralls. Please be quick and you will get the most suitable size for student trips!

HUMAKO’s local activity - tutors and local divisions (jaostot)

There are HUMAKO's tutors and local division working at your campus. Tutors help and support you in your studies and free time. Local division (a.k.a Jaosto) developes campus and organize events.

Tutors are supporting you during your studies. For tutors you can send an email etutor(a) You can chat with tutors and other students while logged in with the eTutor Course found on Humak's BB Open LMS. In the course you will find discussion forums and a link to HUMAKO's Discord server, where you can chat with tutors and other students. In the summer, the tutors will be at Discord on 16.7. klo 18-20, 21.7. klo 16-18, 6.8. klo 18-20 and 27.8. klo 18-20. You’re welcome to join!

Or do you want to be a tutor yourself? We are recruiting new tutors at autumn. Read more from our website.

HUMAKO-tour tells you more about Student Union!

HUMAKO-tour goes to all Humak campuses during September. At HUMAKO-tour you can get to know us better. The theme of this year’s tour is Funfair, so we get to have a fun day together!

HUMAKO-tour is coming to your campus:

Turku 7.9.

Nurmijärvi 8.9.

Haaga 9.9.

Kuopio 14.9.

Jyväskylä 16.9.

Kauniainen 17.9.

Feedback, advocacy and harassment contact persons

Students are being offered countless ways to give feedback and advocate their own educational institution, Student Union and their educational environment. You can give feedback through our website.

Student Union HUMAKO contributes to the students’ wellbeing and current situation concerning for example equity and equality, living and livelihood - locally and nationwide.

At HUMAKO we don't accept harassment. HUMAKO has two harassment contact persons and both of them can be contacted via email. The harassment contact persons primary job is to support and advise the students that have experienced harassment. The contact information can be found from our website.

Member services and contacts

If you have any question about membership or other services we can help you:

Krista Maarajärvi


045 182 0404


Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki

+358 44 257 8884

humako (a)

Cooperation with HUMAKO

HUMAKO and our cooperation partners welcomes You to Humak and student life!


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