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Welcome Humak student!

Päivitetty: 29. kesäk. 2022

14 HUMAKO student actives wearing red coveralls.
HUMAKO welcomes you to Humak!

Congratulations on becoming a student at Humak University of Applied Sciences!

You have awesome years of studying ahead of you. In order to get the most out of them, we have collected vital information for a new student in this letter of greeting.

HUMAKO is Humak's own student union, which you can join as a new student. Whether you are studying full-time or multiform learning, studying at the open university or a master’s degree – we are for you!

To get started, follow HUMAKO on social media:

Twitter: @HUMAKO_opku


Get-to-know-you meetings and student whatsapp/Facebook groups

HUMAKO organizes orientation evenings before the official start of school. You can find the dates of possible meetings and the common social networking groups from our website.


As a member you save money – you get numerous benefits and discounts

You can purchase the membership of HUMAKO starting on 1st of August 2022. As a member of the student union HUMAKO you will have access to local and national student benefits and discounts. You can get discounts on events, various products, traveling and eating among other things. Degree students are also entitled to the student benefits of VR, Matkahuolto and Kela. HUMAKO's mobile membership card can be found in the Slice and Pivo applications, through which you can browse the available benefits.


HUMAKO’s support and activities

4 students throw water on top of one student under an umbrella.
Tutors will support you in any situation.

Reach the tutor

Tutors are supporting you during your studies. You can reach the tutors right away if you have any thoughts on starting school:

HUMAKO's activities are open to all students of Humak. We organize activities on campus and online. All our activities are listed in the event calendar. We want to meet YOU!


Activity in the student union = credits

 Five HUMAKO active and the dog work in HUMAKO in different active forms.
By being an active at HUMAKO, you will meet nice people!

Any Humak student can apply to become a student active at HUMAKO. When you are an active, you can concretely decide what your student union does and how things are done at your university. HUMAKO's activities are also a nice way to promote your own studies, because you also earn credits for the activities!

Local activity – tutors and local divisions

HUMAKO's local divisions develop their own campus and organize events that create a diverse student life. HUMAKO tutors support other students and the well-being of students. In tutoring and local division activity, credits are often completed at 5 ECTS / year and credits are marked as optional studies. New tutors are recruited in September. Read more about tutor recruitment.

The board

The board is responsible for the operative tasks such as promoting student interests in social and educational affairs, training tutors, supporting campus trustees, marketing, communications and developing HUMAKO's operations. The board is divided into teams with different responsibilities.

5 actives of HUMAKO sit under umbrellas, when one pours water on them.

The members of the representative council

The members of the representative council

are elected by the members of HUMAKO. The council is responsible for choosing the committee of the student union and making the big decisions in HUMAKO like deciding yearly budgets.

Student representatives

In Humak there are different working groups and boards that focus for example on the development of the different educational programs, student welfare issues and study attainment procedures. HUMAKO has student representatives in almost all the working groups in order to make sure that the student rights are fulfilled.


Student’s coveralls are the outfit for every situation

As a Humak student, you can wear red student coveralls. They are the symbol of a student on various occasions. You can buy your own coveralls (from 1st of July), coveralls patches and other products from HUMAKO's online store As a member of the student union, you can purchase coveralls and other products at half price!

HUMAKO actives wear red HUMAKO overalls.

When you order your coveralls no later than 9th of September 2022, the coveralls are delivered to campus for free in September. Of course, overalls will still be on sale even after this, as long as there are sizes. You will be able to try on coveralls at the beginning of your studies on your own campus so that you can buy the right size. Please, be quick to get the most suitable size for you!


Feedback, advocacy work and harassment contact person

HUMAKO members take part in the demonstration.
HUMAKO influences on issues that concern students.

HUMAKO's most important tasks include promoting the interests of students. Advocacy means, among other things, that we collect, evaluate and share student feedback. Based on the feedback, HUMAKO develops its own operations or addresses the shortcomings that have arisen. Feedback can be given about the activities of HUMAKO, the school or the staff via the Feedback Cards or the Electric feedback (Äänitorvi).

HUMAKO also promotes student well-being in collaboration with other student organizations nationwide and locally.

At HUMAKO we do not accept harassment. HUMAKO has also two harassment contact persons. You can contact them in matters related to harassment, whether the harassment took place in the activities of Humak or HUMAKO. The primary role of the harassment contact person is to assist and support those who have experienced harassment.


Customer service

For questions related to membership and services, you can get help from HUMAKO's expert Krista Maarajärvi, +358 45 182 0404 or from membership service team info(a)

HUMAKO's office is located on the Haaga campus in Helsinki. You can purchase products from the office or pick up your online store order. Coffee is served to members at a cheap price.


In cooperation with HUMAKO

HUMAKO and our partners welcome you to Humak to study!

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Join a trade union and you will get the full benefits already during your studies.


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