Educational feedback cards

We have three cards that are a part of our educational politics. When you want to give feedback to your lecturers, this is the way to do it. In educational politic matters we serve all students of Humak in the best possible way.

Snail card

A snail is a functional creature, but works slowly. The snail card is given to a lecturer when the wait time is too long. The degree regulations says that the work needs to be graded within 4 weeks from the return of the task. That doesn't always happen though.

Yellow card

A yellow card is give when you want to whistle the game off. The reason you send out this card is not that something has been down well or slowly, but because it's done wrong. The yellow card gives the other party to correct their mistakes.

Parrot card

The parrot card is meant to give positive feedback. If you want to give your lecturer a smile on the lips and deserves a pat on the back.

How to send a feedback card?

Send the information of who will be given the card with good explanations to HUMAKO at humako (a) HUMAKO will anonymously send the feedback card to the recipient.