Tutor activity

HUMAKO, The Student Union of Humak University of Applied Sciences, provides all their students an equal right to tutoring. We have five fields of tutoring. They are peer tutor, marketing tutor, knowledge tutor, sports tutor and international tutor. HUMAKO trains each tutor to their respective fields.

To the support of the exchange students we have the international tutors. International tutor work for 2-3 exchange students. Tutoring start before exchange students arrive by taking contact beforehand. International tutor is support and safe for whole exchanging time. Tutor is helping by with practical things, like helping find apartment, getting student's part of free time activity and showing city where campus be located. It's more than nice if International tutor organizes a Farewell Party, when exchange students leave, and keep touch after the period has ended.

If you want to know more about HUMAKO's tutor activity, please contact us.

Local Divisions

Each Humak's campus has their own Local Division. The Division collect and process feedback given by students. They can also organize events, theme days, corporate visits and a lot more. 

HUMAKO supports the Local Divisions and the board members keep constant contact with the Divisions to ensure the constant flow of information back and fourth.

If you wish to be a part of the Local Division, please contact us.

HUMAKOs harassment contact persons

Harassment can be experienced by your fellow student as well as from the personnel. Harassment is one of the forms of discrimination and it holds within it sexual and gender related harassment. No one is allowed to be harassed also of their age, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, beliefs, opinions, state of health, handicap, sexual orientation or any other reason related to the person. Harassment can be degrading, humiliating or creating a threatening environment, unwanted acts or offensive speeches. These doesn't belong to the student union like it doesn't belong to any other aspect of life. The harassment contact person's support and advice students that face harassment.

The harassment contact persons aren't professionals, but they support and if wished, will help to sort out harassment cases. No actions will be taken, unless the harassed person doesn't want to.

The harassment contact persons are here for you, so don't be alone with your problem. The student union HUMAKO has two harassment contact persons, Mikko Koivisto (mikko.koivisto(a) and Eena Kero (eena.kero(a) You can talk with them in full confidence and they will act upon on your consent.

Educational politics

The idea with educational politics is to make education is meaningful for all students. All the problems and defects are our issues. We want to influence that we have motivational students, who has it good during the studies and will graduate as qualified experts in their own field. There isn't a so small problem that we wouldn't want to attend to, but we don't avoid the bigger issues either.

We contribute by making sure Humak is a worthy educator amongst the other Universities of Applied Science. We want to strive that all the members of HUMAKO has a working and fluent education.  We communicate the issues to our students, to the staff of Humak and discuss problems that occur.

Without you, there is no us and we are students in the same school. A good working communication between the students and the staff is the key for a good developing institution.

Social politics

To the social politics belongs incomes during your studies, health care, and employment after the degree. Words like student benefits, safe studying environment, material costs, student discounts and health care are key words when defining social politics sector. When it's a matter of each student's collective interest, its social politics.

The aim with social politics is to bring fourth the problems and strive to influence in order to make the student's situation better. For this reason we make surveys throughout the year.

Remember, the law allows you to get municipal health care in the city where you study, no matter where you officially live.

You can contact us if you want to know more about social politics of student life.


In Humak there are different workgroups and boards that take care of among other things the student's well-being and development of education programs. We have student representatives in almost all workgroups to make sure the student's rights are fulfilled. The most important and direct way to get messages from students to the deciding organs in Humak. The workgroups meet variably, some meeting once a year to some meeting once a month. The workgroups discuss, develop, and decide how things are done in Humak, both in the education programs as well as in the regional centers.

HUMAKO's board chooses the representatives as well as all other changes during the year.