HUMAKO is the Student Union of Humak University of Applied Sciences. It promotes students interests. HUMAKO works as a link between the students and Humak in issues like education and social policy. HUMAKO's most visible form of activity are the tutors, whose work HUMAKO coordinates.

HUMAKO's activity is based on the law and the tasks given to us, by the law. HUMAKO's tasks are to make sure that the law-given activities are followed. In addition HUMAKO is very actively cooperating with Humak and improving the student's time during studies. We are also a member of The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences - SAMOK and through SAMOK we seek to influence students' affairs nationwide.

All the members of HUMAKO are entitled to a student card. Members can either get a blue or green card, depending on the type of education you are receiving. Students who has paid the membership fee gets the semester or annual sticker glued on the card that shows the card is valid. With a valid student card students are entitled to a number of benefits nationwide and at various locations.

More information:

How HUMAKO works?

The students are responsible of both the operative work as well as the decision making in HUMAKO. The members of the representative council are elected by the members of HUMAKO and among the council's responsibilities are choosing the board of the Student Union and making the most vital decisions about HUMAKO.

Members of the board have different areas of responsibility - the operative sectors. These sectors are social affairs, educational affairs, tutoring, local divisions, workgroups of Humak, campus trustee, communication, sports and international affairs. Being an active member gives you not only a lot of experience and new contacts, but also credits on your study register!

The central election commission is formed of the chairman, two members and their personally appointed stand-in members. The commission is responsible for the organization of the election for the representative council.

HUMAKO is represented by the local divisions in Humak's campuses. The local divisions collect, process and forward received feedback from the students to the board of HUMAKO. The divisions can also organize events and other activities. 

HUMAKO's office is located in Haaga, Helsinki. The office will help you with anything regarding your membership, student cards, overalls, sport passes, stickers and other matters. The opening hours of the office and the contact information of our staff you can find from here, as well as the contact information of HUMAKO's board members.